About Piano Lessons with Aubrie

All Skill Levels

Aubrie teaches all skill levels and various styles of music.

Professional Teacher

Aubrie adapts her teaching style to each student’s needs.

Why should I choose a professional teacher even from the beginning?

Consider this response from Carol Roache, an experienced and respected music teacher:

“I find the biggest mistake parents make with beginning lessons is not going to a professional teacher at the very onset of lessons. They have a neighbor who can play and think that ‘we’ll see if she/he likes it first. Not only does that person not know what will be important later on, but they don’t have the experience to try another approach if that student doesn’t ‘get it’ with the first explanation. For example, some students are naturally good (music notation) readers. Others cannot seem to make the connection until much later. Just because someone can play an instrument, it doesn’t follow that they can teach that information to someone else.”

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As a musician and teacher, Aubrie believes that inspiring and encouraging a student’s love for music is essential to musical growth and development. Through the use of creative musical games and activities, innovative practice assignments and exciting motivational prizes, Aubrie promotes consistent practice and growth in each of her students. Each lesson plan creatively incorporates essential concepts (such as, ear-training, technique, theory, and sight-reading) in fun and refreshing ways that are relevant to the individual. Purposefully incorporating the student’s musical preferences (whether it be contemporary, pop, classical, or jazz) Aubrie chooses engaging and relevant repertoire that further reinforces new musical concepts. She is continuously working to find new ways to engage students by asking questions that prompt learning through self-discovery. Ultimately, her goal is to inspire and help students become well-rounded musicians in both sight-reading and improvisation, in order to achieve their musical potential by providing them the necessary instruction and tools. Helping a student to grow as a person and musician is one of the greatest and most satisfying rewards a teacher can ever hope to receive.

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